There Are Only 3 Reasons Why A Fighter Loses:

1. Incompetence in the corner

2. Lifestyle

3. They "Slip on a banana peel"= Boxing EQ

Here at Master Boxing, we address all 3 by providing real solutions you can plug into your program & gym today to save you decades of time & frustration.

Take our 130 years of Boxing knowledge & leverage it to win titles & have the program of your dreams.

Three generations OF

boxing Knowledge

You’ll get 100 years of boxing knowledge

broken down by Coach Eric A. Bradley

You’ll get 100 years of boxing knowledge broken down by Coach Eric A. Bradley

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championship U

Formerly known as the Champion’s Bundle

Run a first class boxing program with no guesswork

The program that will
your boxing gym

Coaches don’t usually share the secrets on how to develop a Champion. Coach Eric A. Bradley does.

It's YOUR time

You know you have it in you… that calling to teach this art.

Build champions

Master the craft of engineering elite athletes.

Get a lucrative business model

Thrive with the one thing that you love the most in this life.

Eliminate anxiety
& frustration

Follow my proven system and focus 100% on your fighters.

Everything you need to become an…

Elite coach
and fighter

In this game you want to be first. Want to be the most sought after Boxing gym in your city?

0 K



Taught and mentored by us

0 M+

People Around

The Globe

We have reached and impacted

0 +

World Championship

Training Camps

And strategic partner to many of today’s top coaches


Top Trainer U

Get tremendous support and mentorship to get your own thing going

The coaching that will
your life

The coaching that will change your life

Coaches don’t usually share their recipe to make a next level coach or fighter. Coach Eric A. Bradley does and guides you through the PROCESS with a straight forward SYSTEM to follow.

Programs are
done for you

Have your skills training, strength & conditioning program already done.

Detailed video tutorials

Have detailed video tutorials to keep your execution on point

Personal guidance & mentorship for your program & business

Have first class personal guidance & mentorship for building a first class boxing program and wildly successful business. We make sure your CEO hat is on snug.

Virtual clinics & Film Studies with Coach Bradley

Have access to extraordinary virtual clinics & film studies with Coach Bradley that addresses the finer points of building a supreme boxer athlete for competition, going pro, tournaments, the Olympics & more

Coach bradley will teach you

The science
of boxing

Down to the finest molecule. So… 

EMBRACE THE PROCESS. Learn the algorithm of a fighter. Become a next-level coach.

Affiliations Of Trainers, Coaches & Gym Owners we have served

Meet Coach Eric A. Bradley


Veteran coach
Eric A. Bradley

Veteran Coach Eric A. Bradley comes from a 125 year bloodline in the sport. That’s 3 generations of boxing knowledge. He is here to make you the 4th generation.

Coach Bradley is kin to Coach Anthony Bradley who is a decorated 2 time US Olympic Coach. This boxing lineage is responsible for an insurmountable number of gold medals.

Coach Eric Bradley has been coaching in boxing for 30 years and has taken part in 100+ professional training camps.

We don’t say this lightly…

Coach Bradley
is no smoke and mirrors

These successful coaches are proof of that

Coach Fung

- China

TSOB has changed my program exponentially in a short period of time. I am forever grateful to Coach Bradley & TSOB.

Coach Hudson

- Arkansas

I have learned more in 6 months from Coach Bradley than I have in 2 years.

Coach Kolesar

- Washington State

It’s given me everything that I have been looking for… to really take my team to that next level. Starting from ground one all the way from beginners to experienced boxers. Trust the process!”

Coach Thomas Himmelberg

- New York

This is your ticket to the promised land. Coach Eric Bradley brings generational world class knowledge and experience to the table. This is a system and provides the process to become Boxer. So punch that ticket and make the investment in your future.

Whether you’re a coach, a gym owner or a personal trainer ... It’s time to box!

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